Unsure how 12 inches,

actually means 17. Darn hairdressers & their crazy need to cut hair. Come on! I gave you 12 inches of leisure. But nope, she had to take an extra 5.

I went to get my hair cut for donation today. I asked the hair dresser to take off 12 inches, as soon as she cut it I wanted to cry because it was so much shorter than I had wanted. Now I know why, I just got home & measured the braid, it’s about 17 inches long. Braided. I don’t even want to think how much she actually cut off.

The braid looks so creepy doesn’t it? Haha!

I would take a photo to show you guys, but I think the hair cut is kind of hideous & makes me sad. So unfortunately, no photo. But whatever. Hair grows. In a few months it won’t be so bad. On a brighter note, I beat my last donation by 2 inches. Woot!

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  1. allblackeverythingg said: I hate it when they do that =[
  2. csma said: Aw I bet you it is not hideous. It already looks adorable from behind!
  3. aurummm said: you are so brave!
  4. spiral-bones said: The back looks very cute. <3 I’ve been there, though, I know you just want to curl up and cry. But you’re beautiful, babe. :)
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